The inaugural journal entry…

Wednesday the 19th of October, 2005

Well, it’s finally here!

After 10 long months, countless hours slaving over HTML and CSS, and more procrastinating than even I would have thought possible, nascentguruism is finally a real website!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Ben for all his help and support. Were it not for his inspiration, assistance, and, frankly, constant whinging that I just needed to get on with my site and get it live, nascentguruism wouldn’t be half the site it is now. Thanks Ben, I owe you, big-style.

So, welcome to nascentguruism, one and all. If you’re interested in who I am or how the site is made, then you probably want the about page.

A word of warning: the site is still very much a work in progress. I’m going to be tweaking and sprucing up pretty much anything I can think of over the coming weeks (well, from a techie perspective, at least - the look of things should remain fairly constant). As such, if you see something that looks a bit odd or that you think needs work, don’t hesitate to let me know, either via the comments here, or via email

Update: One of the first errors I’m going to try to crack is visible on the about page for those of you using either Firefox up to 1.0.* or Safari - if the image isn’t loaded quickly enough, the CSS-positioned corners don’t end up in the right places on the page. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Also, if anyone uses Opera and has any idea how I can fix the fact that it doesn’t correctly handle absolutely positioned elements with width: auto and left and right positions, then that would be nice.