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Software developer and architect with experience designing, building, and shipping large-scale internationalised applications and websites.

Particularly enthused by the web and new technologies, especially how the web extends into our everyday lives, and is a BCS and IITT certified trainer.

Employment history

Technical Architect at Ministry of Justice


Responsible for all new public-facing digital services related to the National Offender Management Service. Leading integration of Prison Visits Booking service with legacy government backend. Also working on team-wide infrastructure design, focussed particularly on continuous delivery across projects and reduction of duplication.

Technical Architect at Tizaro Supply

Improved infrastructure resilience and deployment processes of industrial supply startup. Produced open source image processing tools for cloud deployment.

Director of Design at Expedia Affiliate Network

Responsibility for the design of all APIs, user interfaces, and products across the whole of Expedia Affiliate Network; designing from scratch or supporting and reviewing other teams’ design efforts, and providing standards and guidelines they must adhere to.

Introduced “developer experience” design, applying user experience, information architecture, and human factors design techniques to APIs and their surrounding ecosystems. Mentoring interface designers on the design of APIs, introducing RESTful API design across development teams, advising partners on improving conversion with good UI design, and delivering API and user interface designs for all systems.

Also acted as Chief Developer Evangelist (since July 2012), responsible for community outreach. Curated and ran frequent events, with speakers and attendees from technology, scientific, and design backgrounds. Events received much acclaim and included speakers such as Dr Jack Cohen and Maria Smith of Studio Weave. Represented Expedia at various events, including Yahoo! Hack Europe 2013. Mentored colleagues in public speaking.

Senior software developer at Expedia Affiliate Network

Senior web developer at Yahoo!

Projects involved mentoring other developers, working with internal and external clients to finalise requirements, architecting cross-product tools and modules, setting standards for multi-disciplinary teams, working with local and remote teams, designing development environments and processes, improving existing tools, and advising clients and designers on technical limitations.

Played an active role in running Yahoo! Open Hack London events in 2007 and 2009, including running front-of-house during the awards ceremony in 2009. Further supported Yahoo! Developer Network’s community outreach efforts by representing Yahoo! at numerous developer conferences. Ran various internal training courses for other developers within Yahoo!.

Web developer at Yahoo!

Worked on, and later led, front-end development of European entertainment websites, including development and maintenance of Movies, Music, Games, and Videogames.

Led development of complete re-implementation of Yahoo! TV for Europe including a major rework of the TV listings services, resulting in a week-on-week doubling of traffic for the first three months after launch.

Software engineer at Systematic Software Engineering

Designed a military standards management workflow engine for clients including NATO, DISA, and the MoD.

Web developer at Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Developed and maintained the public web sites (including and 30+ international variants) and the award-winning bespoke intranet portal software (one of Nielsen-Norman Group’s ‘Ten Best Intranets’ of 2003), along with other key business systems.

Notable personal projects


Built the core of a Python library to allow programmatic access to MPEG 4 container files, a project requiring reverse-engineering of other libraries and MPEG standards, low-level manipulation of large (multi-gigabyte) files, and complex data structures.

Spacelog and /dev/forts

Worked as front- and back-end developer and data architect on Spacelog, a site for exploring the stories of early space exploration from the original transcripts. Spacelog is a product of /dev/fort 5, an event where a team of designers and developers cut themselves off from the world (in a fort!) to work on new ideas.

Also took part in /dev/forts 2, 4, 7, and 9 which resulted in Be Habitual, a tool to help people form new habits, Mostly Final, a tool for collaborating on designs, and various other projects. Lead development of fort infrastructure automation tools.


Education and professional training

Institute Certified Training Professional from BCS and IITT

BSc Computer Science & Engineering with First Class Honours from University of Surrey