Steve Marshall

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Software developer and architect with experience designing, building, and shipping large-scale internationalised applications and websites.

Particularly enthused by the web and new technologies, especially how the web extends into our everyday lives, and is a BCS and IITT certified trainer.

Employment history

Head of Hosting at Ministry of Justice


Responsible for the Ministry of Justice’s strategy for software hosting, managing a budget of ~£90m of public money. Responsible for operational reliability of ~500 services underpinning the UK’s justice system including courts, prisons, and legal aid.

Leading ~70 staff in 5 teams across 3 locations, along with various supplier teams. Lead development of the MOJ’s hosting infrastructure platforms for both modern, cloud-native and legacy services, and leading the MOJ’s move to public cloud hosting.

Ensuring delivery of of high quality infrastructure services by coaching and mentoring product teams. Managing ~30 suppliers’ work to ensure good value for money and follow current government standards and guidance.

Head of Technical Architecture and Software Development at Ministry of Justice

Leading on engineering staff management, recruitment, culture, and standards for the Ministry of Justice. Responsible for ~150 engineers (technical architects, software developers, and operations engineers) across 4 locations and 5 organisations.

Improved hiring procedures, increasing quality of candidates and diversity of engineering staff. Improved engineering quality by introducing organisation-wide standards, providing embedded, long-term coaching for under-performing teams and individuals, and recruiting technical leads across the organisation.

Recruited my replacement who has taken on the role and made it their own.

Technical Architect at Ministry of Justice

Responsible for technical design and development of digital services for the UK’s National Offender Management Service.

Influenced senior stakeholders to support delivery of modern technology, set technical direction for suppliers to ensure they delivered systems the way we required, and updated departmental guidance and standards to follow modern practices. Improved infrastructure and operations processes and tools for MOJ.

Led development of Send money to someone in prison service through to public beta, and integration of Visit someone in prison service with legacy prison service backend.

Technical Architect at Tizaro Supply

Led infrastructure architecture design and development for a startup trying to reinvent the industrial supply market. Unfortunately, the startup failed.

Director of Design at Expedia Affiliate Network

Responsible for setting and maintaining standards for all APIs and user interfaces across Expedia Affiliate Network. Understood clients’ needs and balanced these against technical constraints, allowed Expedia Affiliate Network to support a $2bn/year partner network.

Also acted as Chief Developer Evangelist (July 2012 onwards), responsible for community outreach. Organised events with diverse speaker lineups and attendees. Represented Expedia at various events and mentored colleagues in public speaking.

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